Friday, October 22, 2010

Why I Love him...

Today is the 9th Anniversary of my Marriage to my Husband. NINE freakin years. I can't believe it sometimes. One day it feels like just yesterday he was driving me to my back surgery a mere 4 days after we met and holding my hand as I tried to wake up from a morphine/anesthesia induced stupor (not pretty folks, not pretty), and then sometimes it feels as though we have been going at this roller coaster that people call marriage for ever! It hasn't always been easy. We have had our ups and our downs just like anyone else. The downs can tear anyone apart if they get bad enough, and we've felt a few rips and tears. But through everything, we always manage to come out on top and always manage to hold on to the love that has made everything work. Without Love, honest to goodness love, there is no way that anyone can withstand the trials of living/growing/changing with another human being. If I didn't love him, I might have killed him a long time ago. And if he didn't love me, God knows he would have had me fitted for cement shoes (or straight jacket, but who's counting) a few years ago at least. I can't believe how much I love this man.
Now let me just say, anyone that has ever met us or seen us together would never accuse us of being mushy or lovey or sweet or disgusting (the good kind), I mean we DO have our moments, but that's not how we roll. But Damn, I love this man. Why? Well, for one, he puts up with all my CRAZY. Not that you need to know how much crazy, but let's just say I might have hit a few branches on the way down the crazy tree and quite possibly landed on my head. But he loves me. Not JUST in spite of either, maybe even a little because of... (wishful thinking? Maybe). He knows me. And even LIKES me most of the time. ( I know, I know, I'm totally likeable so it's not so shocking). This is the man who sometimes brings me flowers, lets me sleep in on the weekends and takes care of our kids. I loev him because he values my opinion on important things. He never makes an important descision without talking to me first. I love him because he doesn't criticize my inadequacy as a housewife, instead he just picks up the slack. And its a lot of slack. Anyone who ever saw my locker or car in highschool or dorm room at Brooks can accurately visualize what my house looks like more often than not. I'm not proud of this, and he doesn't like it, but he doesn't ever make me feel bad about it. He never criticizes me about my parenting skills, and lets face it, those (like my furniture) could use a little polishing too. When he comes home and dinner isn't ready, he doesn't ask why, he just wants to know where we are going to eat or what we are ordering :) And he doesn't even care that I make him answer to door for the pizza guy cause I am probably still in my pajamas. I can sometimes let my worry for my family or my friends effect me more than I should, and instead of telling me that I worry too much or its not my problem, or my business, he listens. And tries to help. This is the man, who when I told him that my best friend and her 2 kids will be coming to stay with us for a week, or a month or more, didn't blink an eye. He didn't roll his eyes or wonder how this would effect him. Instead he asked how, if we bought a sleeper sofa, the kids would sleep while she and I stayed up late talking like he knows we will. He even went shopping with me to look for new furniture so that they could be more comfortable while they are here. He is amazing.
And if that sounds like bragging, well it is. And there is more. This man, my husband, sent me to Italy for my birthday to see my best friend because he knew that she and I both needed it. And he took his hard earned vacation time to stay home with our kids. Who does that? Him. He rocks. He didn't even check the bank accounts while I was there to see how much money I was spending. Even though he knows that I really like to shop. :) When he went home to Cali for his brother's graduation, he only stayed a few days so that I didn't have to stress about school or miss too many days while he was away. He sticks up for me when someone makes me cry. He holds my hand when I'm scared, he wipes my tears, even if I am just overreacting. While I was in school, he would bring my coffee while I was sitting in front of the computer for hours upon hours, writing, or editing. All while doing homework with our son and getting the kids showered and ready for bed. He kicks ass. He watches girly movies with me and only complains a little. Even pretends to care when I talk about General Hospital Characters like I know them personally. When we go out to eat, he lets me drink my wine and he drives home ;) (this MIGHT just be for his benefit but whatever ;) I have had friends ask to borrow him. He does housework. My Best Friend thinks he should write a book :) But he is mine. And its going to stay that way. Unless he outlives me, they can all just find their own!!! And honestly, I could go on and on... but I won't. I have already inflated his EGO enough for the year. I'll tell him how awesome he is again next year ;) I LOVE YOU BABY!!! I'll be ready with that needle to poke a hole in the ego tomorrow! *Muah*