Sunday, July 26, 2009

Call Me Rosie...

I ROCK!!! Yup, I do!!! I CHANGED MY OWN BRAKES!! I'm so stoked that I did! My Dad and my Step Mom drove 6 hours so that my Dad could teach me how. I'm So glad that they Did. My Dad took apart the first caliper to show me how, I finished that one up and I DID THE REST!!! He had to help me once because a piston was stuck and he even had a hell of a time with it, But after that, he sad " Well, you've got this, so I'm going back in the house." My Step Mom stayed with me so that she could help me with the jack n stuff. It was a hell of an accomplishment! It was FREAKIN HOT in that Garage, and I was sweating my ASS off. Gross... really gross. Can U say Swampass? And I got DIRTY, really Dirty!!

Taking Tires off....

And then the changing of the brakes!!
Did I mention that I Rock?

After Changing all the Brakes and Putting All the Tires back on, My Step Mom and I cleaned up all the tools, and then went inside to scrub our hands! =) I had to use a lot of Sugar on mine!! My Dad didn't expect this Girly Girl to really get in there and DO it. I think he thought that I would watch and take off a bolt or 2. And My Mom, well, she laughed hysterically when I told her I was going to do it!! I SHOWED them!! =)

My Back hurts like a Mo' Fo today though. The things I do for good Blog Pictures!! haha!! Ok, I did it because I wanted to save money, but TWO BIRDS right?

WooooooHoooooo! I am the shit!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


The Winner of the Fabulous Cupcake Necklace made by the fabulous ME is :

Drum roll please.......


if you can't see the number it is 25 ! (I did a screen shot so it is kinda blurry)

Congratulations Girl! And thank you to all of you who entered! It was fun! Check back for more giveaways in the future!
Now I'm going to Bed.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giveaway Ends Tonight!!

Last chance to comment like a mad person! =) Good Luck! I cant wait to pick the winner!!!
Cupcakey Goodness Giveaway

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I can do it... Right?

So, as usual the CAR Gods Frown upon me. While we have company, and right (a couple days) before I am to go pick up my Mother In-Law at the Airport, what happens?, My Brakes are shot. And quite possibly my Rotors. Fan-friggen-tastic. Now, we just bought Mattresses for the kids (hence indoor stair luge), not cheap, and spent a buttload while family was here cause that's what you do when you have company, you eat out, spend money you don't have... all in the name of entertainment. So I don't exactly just have piles of dough laying around at my disposal and don't really FEEL like shelling out 600 bucks for someone to do a half hour to hour job on my car. I hate how they friggen rip you off. Jackasses. My Dad is a Mechanic. A damn good one, and he has taught my brothers a thing or 2 as well. What the problem? They live 6 hours away, and unless I want to tempt fate and see how cool God thinks I am by driving 6 hours with no brakes, I am going to have to do them my-self. As you might know, I am married to a smokin hot computer geek. That's what he fixes. And I appreciate the hell outta that cause if he couldn't jump to my aid every time my computer craps out, I would be distraught! I mean I DO use it more than my car... =) He changed a brake or 2 back in the Day with his dad, but he doesn't know how to do it either. So.... guess who is going to try her hand at Changing BRAKES? ME!!! Yup. Scary I know. I'm going to have Pops on the speaker phone talking me through, and say a prayer, or 10, that I do it right. I do want to be able to take my kids to Chik'fil'A without risking their lives!!! So, Today I will be ordering parts, and either Tonight or Tomorrow under the watch of my mother -in law, who hubby will now have to leave work to pick up, I will be playing Mechanic. Scary, I know! Wish me luck!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Alicia!

Yes ladies, its that time. My Sister In-Law over at It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy is another year older! And she did say that she would like my blog better if I posted pictures of her sooo... be careful what you wish for my love!! =)


Here are some pics of your B-day Last year:

Mommy and Boogie in Front of the B-day cake

And What Birthday would be complete without sword fighting with the kids?

She Really Looks in her Element doesn't she? Sexy Pregnant Gladiator? Who knew?

And Jordan, well it isn't your Birthday but I figured it was only fair.

Alicia must be so proud!

HAPPY Birthday My Dear! We Love you and Miss you all! Hope you have a great day. We know it can't possibly compare to having us there and a sword fight, but hopefully it comes close!! xoxo

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is Not Desertion

Hello all my wonderful peeps. I would like to give you an explanation as to why I have not had the time to blog. ok scratch that, I've had TIME. At least a little, but not the ability. Why? Well we have family in town. It's awesome and I love it and the kids are in their glory! "Uncle Jr....." "Grandpa..." all the time. So much better than hearing Mommy and Daddy yelled all day let me tell you!!! But here is the thing, said company, all MALE. Yup. Holy crap they are making me bonkers. I love them dearly but damn, I thought I sucked at decision making! Cripes. I am counting the days until my fantabulous Mother In-law arrives!! So back to my excuse for not blogging... pictures are worth a thousand words right?

MY desktop (yeah that's right, I said it) has been shanghaied. Thieving bastards, how dare they?

If you aren't familiar with the conduct of "nerds" or "geeks"... well here you go. WOW and Diablo. *shakes head* Really? This is what is preventing me from my second life? Nonsense!! Oh and when I ask oh so politely: "I know you are going to be on there forever, so can I get TEN minutes on there first?" The response : " TEN minutes in GIRL TIME, or TEN minutes real time?". WHATEVER nerd boy! I know what 10 minutes WOW time means... I will NEVER get to blog. Preposterous! So My Friends, My SITStas, if I do not get the chance to write more.... you are now aware that I am indeed NOT deserting you. Please cross your fingers for a timely return!
Don't forget the Cupcakey Goodness Giveaway !! It Ends on Thursday!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dear "Friend",

You have visited me faithfully for most of my life. Every month you make sure that you come around. You may not always be prompt, often running several days late. I forgive you. I know that the last time you came to visit, we cursed you and wished you away (you have to admit you were a little irritating and had horrible timing). On behalf of my Hubs and I, we apologize whole heartedly. I will never ask you to leave pre-maturely again. I swear. If I go back on my promise just remember this letter (plea). Please come back. You are running further behind than usual. I am really starting to worry. I am afraid that if you don't return soon, my loving husband will sign me up for the local co-ed Hockey team. It won't matter though, because I will most likely be unavailable as I will be secured in the nearest mental facility. Come back. Hurry! I need you. WE NEED YOU!

-Your Desperate Friend,

p.s. if you are wondering the reason for the urgency, please note the blog a few posts down. Thank you.

And all my SITStas and bloggy friends don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already(even if you have)!! CUPCAKEY GOODNESS!!!

My First Award! Awww.... Who me?

Because My Sister In Law thinks I'm awesome and is honored to be related to such a cool chick, she nominated me for this Kreative Blog award. Geez, you shouldn't have... ;) Thanks sis! You should go check out her blog (if you don't follower her already lol!): It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy , yet she makes it look so effortless!

• Thank the person who nominated you for the award
• Copy the logo and place it on your blog
• Link to the person who nominated you for this award
• List seven things about yourself that people might find interesting
• Nominate and post links to the seven Kreativ Bloggers you nominate
• Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated

It's kindof sad that I'm struggling for 7 interesting things about me... I'm not THAT BORING, right?! Well, here goes.

1. I used to be in the Air Force (not that interesting)

2. I am a little bit of a hoarder. I hate throwing things away. I'm workin on it(really)

3. Even though I have HUGE ta-tas, I still want fake ones that defy gravity. Yup, I said it.

4. When I was 18 I had back surgery and I'm still a crippled old lady. Booooo!

5. I make my husband open tuna cans and packets because I refuse. I'm not getting that juice on my hands! *shudders* I'll eat it though lol

6. Sometimes (ok a lot) I sit on the toilet forever not because I need to but because I take a good book. Hey, I need Peace and quiet away from my kids.

7. I can clean the hell outta someone else's house, spotless, sparkly, but loath to clean my own. Why is that?

Ok I'm not going to follow the rules either, not because I'm a rebel, but because I'm lazy and don't want to create that many links. But I nominate :

This sweetheart over at Gypsy Fox she is a doll and She makes some super cute buttons n such! Check her out!

My girl over at Mommy is in the Bathroom, because she is super funny and refreshingly honest.

This Funny Mil-wife chick over at Ashley Amazing. She is a riot and well, we have a lot in common, hot gamer/military hubbies and a sick obsession for other peoples wedding pictures.

Do Try This At Home

Want your kids to think you ROCK? Or that you are off your rock-er!? Let them do something they are NEVER allowed to do!!! C'mon break the rules a little... They will thank you for it. Yesterday was a craptastic day, so near the end of the Day I wanted to have a little fun. We bought the kiddos new Mattresses, and I had to take the old ones out to the Garage, soooooo what could be better than INDOOR STAIR LUGE!!:

The Hubby didn't think that this was a good Idea. What does he know!? So I did it anyway. (I think he enjoyed it as much as we did! lol (notice he was the one taking the pics and Vid!) We are fun parents sometimes I SWEAR!!!

p.s. Ignore the pull-up on my 3 year old. she just woke up from a nap(we still have accidents at nap time).

Snap shots! =) Happy kids? WHAT? imagine....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Channeling Joan Crawford

Ya know? Mommy Dearest? Today has just been ONE OF THOSE DAYS! I think Mommy needs a time out. I'm getting a little one right now because they are both unconscious. Tre only fell asleep because he was so exhausted from yet another frantic explosive rage. So here is what I'm thinking after the day we have had: Mommy needs an anger tool box too. It should consist of a bottle of wine, a box of Godiva, a Vin Diesel movie (any one will do), Valium, I would say a cupcake but it just wouldn't keep, and Last but not least, Harry Potters invisibility Cloak (wouldn't that be handy?).

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Anger Tool Box

(Mostly serious & lengthy Blog with some Humor thrown in as a coping mechanism).... Being a parent is tough. There are no manuals, no trouble shooting guides, no repair shop for the things that are "broken". Every pregnant mother, and expecting father, along with their families Pray for one thing (well the good ones do) that the baby is HEALTHY. For all intents and purposes, my son was born "healthy". He didn't have Downs, Didn't have cerebral palsy, no birth defects whatsoever. He was a freakin cute baby(not just being biased). He was an even cuter Toddler. It was when he was a toddler that we started noticing some concerns. He was a TERROR. I'm not talking typical terrible twos here. Just way out there. We thought that maybe it was just us. So we tried to get some help with behavior modifications. Nothing doing. This Psychologist thought maybe he had ADHD. I was diagnosed with this as a teen, and so does half the population of children these days. I was skeptical. And he was not even 3 yet. There was no way I was medicating him. We just dealt. So... Jump forward a few years (a little over 2) to Kindergarten. We kept having problems. Nothing worked. And he just seemed to be getting worse. He is a sweet, loving, funny, outgoing, compassionate kid. But sometimes, he isn't. AT ALL. He is a totally DIFFERENT kid. (Can someone else parent this Other kid I don't know? I want MY kid) Another psyc told us the same thing. Wanted to Medicate. And I was SOOO not down with what he wanted to put him on (after meeting the kid ONCE for 30 mins). Lets just say, we never went back there. Again we dealt. Anyway... UGH. We were told ADHD, Opposition Defiance Disorder... and because of family history, possible Bi-Polar Disorder. No one wanted to diagnose bi-polar on a 6 year old. The testing wasn't conclusive. Blah Blah Blah, Try Meds finally. It helped. A little. It helped the ADHD symptoms, the hyperactivity... The focus. To an extent. Now, we are on Med Number 3. again, it helps. A little. I HATE THIS. I HATE putting his poor scrawny little body through this. But I am at a loss. Now things are getting worse as far as extreme behaviors go. Throwing Chairs (computer chairs) Kicking car windows, biting, death threats, bludgeoning me in the back of the head with a water bottle while I'm driving( NO YOU ARE NOT CHUCK NORRIS dude)... you name it, he's done it. And probably more than you can imagine from a 7 year old. Its looking like NOW after all this time, someone is CLOSE to FINALLY diagnosing him with Bi-Polar. Not an easy thing for a parent to digest. and not only bi-polar, but more, and not sure. Because and I quote "...a tough one. He doesn't FIT into any one category. He has traits from several. He is going to be a hard child to parent" She even brought someone in to double check that he WASN'T autistic because of some of the traits.

*deep Breath* (please feel free to take an intermission and grab a snack. Preferably a cupcake ;)
This is my SWEET BOY. My mamma's boy. The hugger. WTH?!!! It makes me cry. A lot. And here is the thing. When you are in public and things like this happen. The rages, the tantrums, the kicking and screaming and punching. The DIRTY LOOKS don't FREAKIN HELP!! If he was physically disabled, or had an obvious birth defect that someone could see, it would be accepted. You wouldn't look like a crappy parent. One that cant control their kid. People wouldn't say things like "she should get control of her kids". I want to punch those people in the Jugular. Seriously. He cant help it. Its not his fault. It doesn't excuse the behaviors, but what can you do? I think of all the yelling, the punishing, the grounding, the time outs. And I cry. Because all this time we have been expecting him to behave like a "normal" child. Like every other 7 year old we've known. We thought he was just being a pain in the ass. (sorry but that's how we felt). NOW. we have to totally change the way we see our son. How do you do that? How can you change your view of them and what you can expect from them. Lowering behavioral Standards so to speak.
So he is a VERY LITERAL child. He learns by seeing things and having something Tangible to do. I wanted to come up with something for him to do to help control the rages. So I made Him THIS:

Inside it will have a Stress Ball, a book, a DO NOT DISTURB sign, happy pictures of our family, and a Timer, so he can use it to breath and calm himself. Any other suggestions for the box would be welcomed. This is the only thing I could think to do. Anything to help. I hope it works.


See those 3 Columns? I did that all by myself! ( I know ,I know I'm awesome)I'm so proud! ...and YES I would like a cookie please =) I'm having a little trouble getting my header to fit just right, and I'm too tired to work on it right now.... but I will. now I KNOW that some of you may not be impressed with my Handy-work... but as someone who doesn't know how to do any of this, TRUST me, Be impressed!

Don't forget to Keep Entering My giveaway Below if you want to get your Hands on that awesome Necklace! A Huge *Hug* to all of you who have left comments already! You Rock! ( I guess the pork chop was effective *wink*)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cupcakey Goodness Giveaway!

My First Giveaway, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that it would HAVE to be something cupcake related! My Guilty yet oh so happy pleasure that makes my husband nuts! (Seriously, you should see my kitchen, and my daughters room, and...) Well you get the picture! So I hope you like it, it was created by Yours Truly. And really, considering my newbie status you really have a good shot at getting it! So without Further adieu...

Rules of the Game: Just Comment and tell me you want it! As many times as you would like and that's it! Each comment gets you one entry! The more love you show me the more chances...Just think of this as the proverbial Pork Chop around the neck! Or in this case, CUPCAKE! I'm dangling this baby to get you to play with me!! Pathetic? Maybe. Effective? We'll see! Either way its Fun! AT 11:59pm (east coast time) July23 I will pick the winner! I figured I would do this while I have Family in Town so I can go to the post office to mail it without kids!!! =) Good Luck! And Tell your cupcake loving friends!

~And just a side note! I got My RING today from Kristen over at Just Peachy Handmade Jewels and Treasures, and I just adore it! Thanks Kristen! Here it is:


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wooo Hooo! I think my Kids are getting sick!! =)

Ok Ok, it really sucks that they are getting sick (honest). Little Miss Adrianna is all congested and Mr. Tre says his throat hurts. My Poor Monkeys =(. So whats the Plus side? Why all the "woo hoo" you ask?(hey, I know it sounds evil but there is one)... I GOT TO SLEEP TILL ALMOST NOON!!! *does happy dance*. I know this makes me sound terrible, that you probably think I'm a wack job, the bad mom who doesn't care that her kids are sick. I'm ok with that. I can handle it. You know why? I'M RESTED! *giggles* It will probably bite me in the buttocks later on today when they are so rested that they don't go to bed, but for now, they are feeling alright and they are playing. Because I got to sleep, Im not so cranky, and the screaming, well it's just back ground noise! =) Im off to clean the kitchen and blast some music while they Destroy their bedrooms and beat each other up, woops, I mean Play sweetly together with Educational toys and enrich their minds. What a Beautiful Day! =) All sunshine and Rainbows!

Oh yeah, and my sweet kids! Get Well My babies! xoxo Mommy Loves You!

Monday, July 6, 2009

College... GIRL?

Not quite sure I can call myself GIRL anymore!! but... YIKES I'm GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!!Full time... (OK pending actual admission), but still, I'm sooo flippin excited, and NERVOUS. Its been quite some time since I was out there in the world with other ADULTS. I took some classes a while back, but they were online, and while it IS school, its not the same as being in CLASSES with other people. People. Huh, I used to be such a PEOPLE person, now Im freaking out that I am going to be the only "been at home with my kids for the past 7 years, don't know how to do the Cha Cha Slide, pushing 30 chick (hen)" in the class. Seriously people, I don't know how to do the Cha Cha Slide. Thats how much I get out. My 50 year old AUNT knows how, but me? Nope. freakin out a little! I am supposed to be Starting in August. I applied to a whole new school and everything. I'm actually going to do something FUN and something I will love doing! Amazing Right? Bachelors in Photographic Imaging Anyone? YAY!!! Now I'm trying to decide if I want to start in August or October. Because I have kids, October would be easier. Tre will be in School and I will have time to get Adrianna into a good Pre-K & get more time with the kiddos this summer. BUT that means I will be starting in the beginning of a Fall Semester, right along with all the freshouttahighschool peeps, and it also means larger classes. What to do, what to do? August? October? EEK. But really, Im STOKED. I Love love being a Stay at Home Mom. I am so incredibly grateful that I have had this much time to be home with my kids and not have to worry if not working was hurting our family. We truly are blessed. But I feel like I need something else, ya know? Like something that's just mine. So I'm going to do it! 9 years after graduating High School, Being in the Air Force, Marriage, 2 kids, and I'm finally going to really do the COLLEGE thing! OH MY!! Wish me luck!!

Anyway, Here is a couple pics from the 4th with the FAM!
Hmmm Bomb Pops, white clothes: Good Idea Dad!! ;)

Me & My Princess!

Watching the FIREWORKS! It was actually an impressive show!

And Last but certainly not Least, some adorably Cheesetastic Shots of my lovely kids! (all 3)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Grocery Shopping Fun with the Little one!

Today I decided to try to make the trip to the store less, um, craptastical than it usually is when heading out with kids in tow. I knew I only needed a few things and this probably wouldn't work if you need a whole buttload (or in this case cartload) of groceries. But I printed out a cute little PICTURE list of items for Adrianna to shop for!! Got online and searched google images for a few things we needed. copy. paste. print. Wa-la! list for a 3 year old!! All light things that she could carry in her own little pink shopping basket that she has.
I really did pick a horrible day to do this considering everyone and their 3rd cousin is out shopping for INDEPENDENCE DAY!! , but None the less it wasn't too bad! I have even better hopes for next time!! She had a blast, mostly because she didn't have to sit in the shopping cart (or buggy if you are from the south. btw: I really dislike that). I'm sure I looked like an idiot taking pictures in the commissary...but It was fun and it isn't the first time I've been a fool in public! =)
Here was where we got a little... Off Track! =)

This large item (grapefruit juice) wasn't on her list but she decided that it "FITS!!" so it was OK... hey lets put that back?....
Checking the list to make sure she got the right one. What an awesome little helper!

THUMBS UP MOM!!! task complete!!!

I cant wait to try it out again. Next time on a Wednesday mid-morning, not right after payday!