Monday, October 12, 2009

Crazy Busy

Hey PEEPS!!! I've missed you! Sorry I have been MIA. I will try to find the time to stop by and visit your Bloggy Blogs here soon. School has started for me, so you are now looking at a real live College girl. Can you believe it? I still can't. Especially at 4:50 am when my alarm starts going off. That's when I wanna say "screw it, I don't need no stinkin degree". Ok only a little, but it does suck royally. When the kids are getting ready for bed, I'm ready too. I certainly don't feel like staying up for anything. Like homework?! Ugh RIGHT! Homework. TV is less appealing, movies seem impossible. I mean, would I REALLY stay awake that long? Nothing sounds better than sleep, Not even BLOGGING!! Scary right? I'm feeling seriously old, cause it is just after 9:00 and I am sooo done. I just wanted to stop in and make those of you who actually give a damn rest easy knowing I am still alive and kicking (albeit lethargically) (YES Adam L is for LAZY). So I miss all of you, but the exhaustion is slightly stronger at the moment so you are just going to have to wait a little longer for any real update worth reading. I know, I know, everything I say is WORTH it. Its a gift. BUT I need some rest so I can finish my first Shooting Assignment! One of many many many more to come. EEEEK!


  1. 4:50! Of course sleep is more important than anything else.

  2. Aww girl, I am so proud of you! 4:50 a.m. WOW!! I am officially impressed!!! Just last night I was telling Adam that I was getting worried about yall since I haven't heard anything from you or Conrad in about a month. His exact words were "she is probably sleeping"!! So I had to tell him that you blogged just to him with L is for LAZY!! I love you and miss my stepfam!! Tell my second hubby that his child support must be lost in the mail! KISSES!!

  3. awwww honey bunny!! i hope you're getting some sleep! have fun at school!! LOVE YOU!

  4. 4:50?! A.M.?! Wow! I so envy your determination girl. Hang in there, you're gonna do great, and we'll be here waiting! :-D

  5. Hard work, sleepless nights... it's sooo worth it in the long run... Congrats, girl!
    Hang in there!

  6. Hiya...Fab blog! Hope you dont mind me following! x


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