Monday, September 13, 2010

Feeling Bloggity, & obviously desperate

So Today, during my Aimless Wandering, I ran across something else that caught my eye. Believe me, that it even registered on my radar was a shocker to me. Let me Start first by saying : I Do Not Smoke. Never have. Never will. Its gross. Simply revolting. It makes you smell, it makes everything around you smell, it makes your teeth yellow, it makes kissing you taste like licking the inside of a fireplace. Oh yeah and that one thing that isn't advertised nearly enough. IT MAKES YOU DIE. Just sayin. I don't allow people who do smoke to do so inside my house, or my car or around my kids. And if you light one up around me I will probably give you crap about the whole dieing thing. Yup. I'm one of THOSE people. But anyway, I'm sure you can see why when THIS caught my eye, I was shocked:

I thought to myself as I sipped my Triple espresso "Hey, doesn't nicotine give you energy?" I pondered this as I had flashes of all the crap that needs to be cleaned/organized and/or thrown away, cooked, and fixed in my house. I wondered to myself, could this be an added edge to my day that I need (ya know in addition to the IV caffeine) to help me get through the day with superwoman stamina? I mean its better than other Drugs right? Like Speed. Or Cocaine or something like that.... (those of which I have not once even tried. Believe me, All that crap scares the hell outta me). Could getting that Edge be as easy as this:

No one would ever know (besides all of you hehehe), my kids would think it was a band aid if they ever even saw it. Could this be a little kick start to losing the insane amount of weight that I soooo need to get rid of? Nicotine Does that too right? Isn't that one of those excuses I'm always hearing from smokers as to why they won't quit? Look, I could even chew the gum!! (keeping it away from thieving little hands of course).

*sigh* But of course, I'm also one of those people who believes that a Drug is a Drug. Yup those D.A.R.E folks sure suckered me in. Oh, and I'm a little turned off by drugs because of the whole making you die thing. So, even though for a fleeting moment, I envisioned myself buzzing around the house in my apron, makeup done, hair perfect, legs shaved, cleaning the house while my wonderful meal I have started for my family is simmering, after I have processed images and sent them off to clients, and walked the Dog and having done my Exercise for the day, I didn't buy them. Nope Walked right on by. And walked back to the espresso machines to see what they had to replace my broken one. I will stick to my only Drug of Choice. CAFFEINE. Starbucks thanks me. (And no worries Mom, I'm still the paranoid chicken shit you raised) No drugs for this girl. Not even if it comes in the form of minty gum.

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  1. lol i've never thought of it that way....and you know me lady, its ALL about the caffeine! in fact, i'm off to go open a red bull right now!!


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