Monday, September 13, 2010

Aimless Wandering

That's what I do. Wander aimlessly. So today, cup of Seattle's best (I know, forgive me Starbucks) in hand, I was pushing an empty cart through the PX. I got the cart for the sole purpose of holding my purse. Its heavy. So I walked around for a while, looking at crap I don't need, crap I want but can't afford, and crap I should buy but doesn't interest me at the moment. U know, like cleaning supplies and organizational tools? After strolling around, picking stuff up turning it over in my hand, contemplating its use and need/want rating, and ultimately putting it back, I run across something amazing. I mean, really. Your going to love it. I did. Enough to put it in my cart. I almost bought 2. Now you might think I'm crazy, or simple minded or something, for thinking that anything this simple is so freakin fantastic. But if your one of those people, well, keep it to yourself. Don't burst my happy shopping bubble OK?

Moms, remember all the times you have been out shopping with your kids? You know, hell on earth? Well, Think back to the aisle wandering, cart pushing and eventual trip to the car loaded down with bags and kids. Whats one of the never ending problems we run across? Not enough hands for holding am I right? Of course I am. How many times have you wondered how exactly are you going to hold your child's hand while crossing the street or dodging idiot drivers in the parking lot on the way to your car? Pushing a loaded cart, or carrying a ton of bags make it impossible. For real. You end up hoping for the best. Or if you are an especially careful mom, like me, you make sure the little kiddos are holding on to something on your person. Like your pants pocket. Or belt loop, or purse handle. Any of these options suck by the way. Whats most likely to happen when they are holding on to your belt loop is this: Your pants fall down. I know seeing my butt crack is appealing to most everyone, however I try to save it for special occasions. Like your Birthday. Well my crack is safe from exposure from here on out. You know why? Cause I found this today:

Not just your Regular Canvas shopping bag. No. This is the MotherChildBag by reisenthel

You see that awesome little handle that looks like it has no use? ITS FOR YOUR KID!!! Holy Crap. Someone actually came up with something to make my life easier. And its CUTE. They come in other colors too! Yeah, I almost got em all. I thought that might be over kill. NO? This baby is made well and has a reinforced bottom to boot. And get this: has a zipper pocket on the inside too. Yup. I'm in love. Am I easy to please or what? This flippin made my Day. And I think that you should buy one too. Its what any responsible mother would do. No more butt cracks please. ;)


  1. OMG! Why didn't I think of this?? Holy crap...I could be a millionaire by now. I love it!!!

  2. i NEED one!! seriously how much is it?? i want one!!! i LOVE IT!

  3. Girl. It was $12.50! Go look at the site n tell me what color and I will get you one at the PX. Its amazing!


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