Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not THIS Girl...

I went to Starbucks today. No big surprise there. I have been stopping at Cinnabon for Seattle's Best a little more often lately cause its on the way home from the kids school, so its waaay convenient. But anyway, today I was faithful. When I made my order at Starbucks and the new girl read my order back to me I had to speak up. She was wrong. I ordered a Quad Venti. When she read my order back to me she said "...Two extra shots". I spoke up and corrected her because I'm not paying another 70cents for a shot that's already supposed to be in my drink I am paying nearly $5 for. I informed her that it should only be one extra shot, not two. Guess what. She ARGUED with me. She told me that it only comes with Two shots. I said," I ordered a Venti, not a Grande". She said, "still, it only comes with two shots'. Really Lady? Do not argue with THIS GIRL about whats in her Starbucks drink. I am more than well aware of the number of gloriously wonderful shots of espresso that come in a Venti. THREE. three... 3. Add ONE and you get 4. a.k.a Quad. but no, she continued to argue with me. When I refused to give in (I'm not that much of a pain in the ass but it was the principle of the thing), she walked around the counter and looked on the Cheat Sheet. And she says "Ok, your right. You win this one".... UGH! Duh!! And she tried to play it off like all the "other drinks" come with 2. Um no. Only Grande comes with 2 my dear. Nice Try. I just feel bad for all the other poor fools that ordered a Venti from her and only got 2 shots, then later wondering why that Venti didn't pack the punch it normally does. The way I see it, I just helped a lot of people.... ;) Ok not really, but it makes me feel good to think so. And the New girl got a little OJT from an addict!

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