Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do Try This At Home

Want your kids to think you ROCK? Or that you are off your rock-er!? Let them do something they are NEVER allowed to do!!! C'mon break the rules a little... They will thank you for it. Yesterday was a craptastic day, so near the end of the Day I wanted to have a little fun. We bought the kiddos new Mattresses, and I had to take the old ones out to the Garage, soooooo what could be better than INDOOR STAIR LUGE!!:

The Hubby didn't think that this was a good Idea. What does he know!? So I did it anyway. (I think he enjoyed it as much as we did! lol (notice he was the one taking the pics and Vid!) We are fun parents sometimes I SWEAR!!!

p.s. Ignore the pull-up on my 3 year old. she just woke up from a nap(we still have accidents at nap time).

Snap shots! =) Happy kids? WHAT? imagine....


  1. That's great!! My son would think I was going crazy if I let him do something crazy, but you're right, sometimes crazy is just the right thing to become at the moment. The pictures say it all.

  2. That looks like SO much fun! I just found you through SITS. Now I'm following you!

  3. I love throwing the rules out the window from time to time. I don't love when my hubby beats me to it (from time to time to time to time, lol) . . .

    Just came over from Alicia's Cheesy blog. So far, your blog rocks. Looking forward to checking it out more, on the off occasion that I have time (I'm active duty military like your hubs, and right now they're trying to KILL me). :-)

  4. Oh how my youngest would love doing this. Heck! My 12 & 16 yo too!


  5. Oh, that looks like too much fun!! And I just DARE any of your readers to try NOT smiling or laughing at that video! How did you do the snapshots at the end? That's very cool!


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