Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Alicia!

Yes ladies, its that time. My Sister In-Law over at It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy is another year older! And she did say that she would like my blog better if I posted pictures of her sooo... be careful what you wish for my love!! =)


Here are some pics of your B-day Last year:

Mommy and Boogie in Front of the B-day cake

And What Birthday would be complete without sword fighting with the kids?

She Really Looks in her Element doesn't she? Sexy Pregnant Gladiator? Who knew?

And Jordan, well it isn't your Birthday but I figured it was only fair.

Alicia must be so proud!

HAPPY Birthday My Dear! We Love you and Miss you all! Hope you have a great day. We know it can't possibly compare to having us there and a sword fight, but hopefully it comes close!! xoxo


  1. That's funny. I go to her blog every day just like yours and I didn't know you were related. How did I miss that one! She looks hilarious with the sword!

    :o) Have a Happy Monday!

  2. HOLY CRAP YOU POSTED PREGNANT PICTURES OF ME!!!! AND WITHOUT ANY WARNING?!?!?!?! ok, i was laughing hysterically though...those were some good times!! love you sis, good luck with the will get you back for posting pregnant pictures!!

  3. hehe! I figured you might want to strangle me a little, but that you would realize I did it because I love ya and who doesnt like a little spotlight on their Birthday? Oh yeah, and we are 3,000 miles away so I figured I was safe from bodily harm. =)

  4. WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?! What's with the collateral damage? It's not MY the humiliation til then! And I thought we were cool...

  5. AHahah, fabulously hilarious pictures. I didn't know you guys were related. Small world!

  6. What's a party without swords, helmets, and a war? What a fun-loving sister-in-law you are!

  7. Happy birthday to Alicia! I love reading both of your blogs, and I only now caught on that you two are related...yea, I can be very slow on the uptake sometimes! You two are awesome!

  8. LOL - I laughed my ass off, anyhoo I hope that I look that good prego - Happy next day Birthday Queen of Cheese - I figured it still good since she's celebrating for a month or so! LMAO

  9. Oh, I love Alicia's reaction!! Too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday! I had so much fun! However, I probably could have done without the visual of a million baby spiders running around your house!! How on earth did you get them all??? Let me rephrase that ... How on earth did your husband get them all?

  10. Hahaha. Totally makes her blog REAL now. I read her posts and envision her personality, now I SEE how she is. It all makes sense now. HAHAHA The swords, the shields, hammin it up. Kudos hehe love the pics.

  11. LOL those are GR8 pics!!! Happy Birthday Alicia, your so lucky, My siter-in-law is an evil Biat$# from HELL! LOL ;)


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