Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My First Award! Awww.... Who me?

Because My Sister In Law thinks I'm awesome and is honored to be related to such a cool chick, she nominated me for this Kreative Blog award. Geez, you shouldn't have... ;) Thanks sis! You should go check out her blog (if you don't follower her already lol!): It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy , yet she makes it look so effortless!

• Thank the person who nominated you for the award
• Copy the logo and place it on your blog
• Link to the person who nominated you for this award
• List seven things about yourself that people might find interesting
• Nominate and post links to the seven Kreativ Bloggers you nominate
• Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated

It's kindof sad that I'm struggling for 7 interesting things about me... I'm not THAT BORING, right?! Well, here goes.

1. I used to be in the Air Force (not that interesting)

2. I am a little bit of a hoarder. I hate throwing things away. I'm workin on it(really)

3. Even though I have HUGE ta-tas, I still want fake ones that defy gravity. Yup, I said it.

4. When I was 18 I had back surgery and I'm still a crippled old lady. Booooo!

5. I make my husband open tuna cans and packets because I refuse. I'm not getting that juice on my hands! *shudders* I'll eat it though lol

6. Sometimes (ok a lot) I sit on the toilet forever not because I need to but because I take a good book. Hey, I need Peace and quiet away from my kids.

7. I can clean the hell outta someone else's house, spotless, sparkly, but loath to clean my own. Why is that?

Ok I'm not going to follow the rules either, not because I'm a rebel, but because I'm lazy and don't want to create that many links. But I nominate :

This sweetheart over at Gypsy Fox she is a doll and She makes some super cute buttons n such! Check her out!

My girl over at Mommy is in the Bathroom, because she is super funny and refreshingly honest.

This Funny Mil-wife chick over at Ashley Amazing. She is a riot and well, we have a lot in common, hot gamer/military hubbies and a sick obsession for other peoples wedding pictures.


  1. LOL

    LOVE your list! I hear ya on #6. Sad but true!

    Coming over from SITS. Thought I'd spend today visiting a few new peeps!

    Going to peek around a little more!

  2. Aren't sister in laws just grand sometimes, othertimes they can be a total pain. LOl Then again I don't have a sister in law. Anyway this is so great. I love your blog, and you 10 facts are great. Hey I sit on the toilet too, just to get away, only I play on my DS light. LOL I'll be checking out your sister in laws blog, it sounds hilarious. I love cheesy people.

  3. Thank you! Thank you!
    Lol, a few more were posted last night. I proceeded to look through them for about thirty minutes before the husband declared I was a 'weirdo'. I cannot help myself. Especially when I see that I'm not the only one from high school to gain weight :)

  4. awww thanks honey buns!!! your so friggin AWESOME :) I love your facts LOL your supercool chica! XOXO

  5. LOL I was thinking about how I wish I had HUGE tatas, & the owrd verification for the last comment was "twinettes" how funny is that hahah

  6. Hi honey..stopping by to say WASSUP.. I just gave you a thank you!

  7. Thank you so much. You are sooo hilarious! I have the big boobies too and wish they stayed a little higher, but then I'm afraid I'd look like a warship with two torpedos ready for release lol.

    Thank you again!

  8. Sweetheart, you need to move closer to me so we can sanitize each others homes!


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