Monday, July 13, 2009


See those 3 Columns? I did that all by myself! ( I know ,I know I'm awesome)I'm so proud! ...and YES I would like a cookie please =) I'm having a little trouble getting my header to fit just right, and I'm too tired to work on it right now.... but I will. now I KNOW that some of you may not be impressed with my Handy-work... but as someone who doesn't know how to do any of this, TRUST me, Be impressed!

Don't forget to Keep Entering My giveaway Below if you want to get your Hands on that awesome Necklace! A Huge *Hug* to all of you who have left comments already! You Rock! ( I guess the pork chop was effective *wink*)


  1. I did the same thing and no one wanted to celebrate with me! My own family told me to go back to the computer I was interrupting the movie on TV!

    SO CONGRATULATIONS! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. I think you will be my friend for life now...LOL

    Visiting from SITS.

  2. I was all excited I told My hubby! (he is a COM guy)... and he just looked at me *nods*. So I say: "Well maybe you arent as excited as me, but I'm stoked"... Grumpy pants (thats what I call it to my daughter) says: "You could blog about it". Sheesh! So I DID!! lol
    Thanks for being so happy with me! =) I appreciate it!

  3. woooo! it's tough!! trust me, i know! it took me 3 days to make a flippin button...and then my friend just made it for me! looks fab my dear =)

  4. I'm proud of you and I totally get the sense of accomplishment. I keep playing with the HTML on my blog too.

    If you can't get the header to fit just right, you can get rid of the outline so no one notices that it's not perfect, that's what I ended up doing for mine.

  5. P.S. I'm so proud of you I'm following you. If you make yourself a button I'll put it on my blog. Just let me know when you have one (hopefully featuring a cupcake).

  6. Yay! Great job on 3 columns I was sooooo excited when I did it! :)

    Happy Saturday Sharefest


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