Friday, August 21, 2009

Oooh the Shame....

So I'm getting ready, took a shower, blow dried my hair, getting ready to put my make-up on while the curling iron is heating up. My Daughter wakes up from her nap and sees me half dressed, and half ready she says: "Where are we going Mamma?"
Hey JUST because I took off the Pajamas and took my hair out of a ponytail and washed my booty, DOES not automatically mean we are LEAVING the house!!! Ok ok, maybe it does. A little. I mean is that the only time I actually make myself presentable? When I am going in public?! I mean I refuse to leave the house without at least mascara (the very least) and my hair must be washed and done. But I do that when we are not going anywhere too. Right? Crap. That's who I have become. The wife who is still in her Jammies when the Money Maker gets home from work. How flippin SAD is that? Because guess what, when little miss perceptive woke up from her nap and asked her question. I was getting ready to go somewhere. My poor husband. Maybe I should try a little harder to be cute when he comes home! But damn, its so nice to shower in PEACE after he gets home... Oh well, guess I will have to sacrifice peace for cuteness/pride. How unfair is it that your 3 year old can shame you?!!


  1. OMG I know the feeling. I brush my hair different and I am questioned as to : WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING". I say I am not going anywhere. Or maybe I am. Shoot do I not ever. Get dressed besides to house. But hubby leaves in the early afternoon a little after we wake up. Then he gets home at midnight so. Yup poor guy only sees jammies on me.

    How sad! Now I need to go make myself up just to sit back on the couch and blog. To prove a point. That I can do it.

  2. aww doll...don't beat yourself up!! pito doesn't care what you're wearing as long as he can see your big ol tatas!! lol...but you should give it a try and just see if it makes you feel any better through the day! i'm LOVING my apron by the way...i wore it all day!

  3. Yay you for getting all cute! Your 3 year old is SMART!!!

    I'm sure she'll embarrass you way more than that in the years to come.

    I started keeping deoderant in my glove box when my oldest was a toddler....seems like I could get him ready to go out and forget about myself.

    Hey - just had an idea... instead of taking a nice shower after you man gets home .. . he could join you for a NICER shower when your daughter goes to bed!

  4. Hey girl! Just checking in on you...
    Christina :)

  5. Now I see your picture. What you describe is me most days too. I found a nightgown that looks like a dress at Sears. I figure I can go to the door when the UPS guy appears and go to Mc Donald's when I need a "fix". My daughter is 11 but I have fibromyalgia, so I'm not up and at it till really late. It's so embarrasing when my 11 yr old shows up with a friend from school. I walk out looking like I put my hair in a socket and have who knows what on. I think all stay at home moms can relate to this post.

  6. Its official.. I've found my favorite blog.


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