Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tsk Tsk Tsk....

I have been a very BAD Blogger! Sincere apologies all around to those of you I have yet to respond to, or visit your fab-tastic blogs! Melissa! my dear, I will MOST DEFINITELY be thanking you, RIGHT NOW!! for my awesome AWARD!! Its so cool of you to love me for me. For the fact that I can drop the F Bomb into a blog when the situation calls for it, and that sexual innuendo (or in the case of the blog below, strait out in your face action) is perfectly acceptable to you. You Rock, & Your Comments (and of course your Blog) make me laugh! Thank you! And here is the Award she had bestowed upon me :

You Make me Blush! Ok... not really I don't blush easily, but I do have a big cheeeezy Grin on my face so that counts right? Thanks again my dear!

Now, I have been absent from blogging and even from ROLL-calling on SITS most days. My Mom has been here and we have been busy and having a good time! I have been gazing longingly at my computer now and again, and feel the tug. However the brief moments I could spend on it without feeling rude were about long enough to check e-mail. If you were seriously offended, I'm sorry, but you will probably get over it soon, right?

So this week we went fishing again! This time out on the Row boats. It was a great time and I even caught this BABY!! Woooo hooo! The only fish of any real size caught that day was caught by the MASTER. aka : ME! My very own CATFISH!

He was floppin' all over the friggen place and snapped my line! =) And this guy right here below was all up our butts and seriously wanted snacks. He came right up and grabbed a French Fry directly out of my hand and took a taste of my finger while he was at it! He must have known I was sweet.

Speaking of SWEET, how flippin' precious is this?! I'm going to keep this forever to show them later when they are near murdering one another.

And we have been doing this. Trying to entertain the kids and wear them out so they pass the frig out at bed time! =) I got in too, but I'll spare you all THOSE pics. *shudder*

And I MADE THESE! Figured I would give it a shot! Saw the ones my sis made and I needed to try it out! I had to buy a new sewing machine ($ Cha-ching $) cause mine crapped out after all these years. Of course it would.

Not too shabby for a First try right? Oh and ALICIA, this doesn't get you off the hook for my cupcake one, just sayin'.

Last but not least I made something for my awesome Sis in-law. And Let me just say, I LOOOOOOOOVE IT! I told her she better love it too and that if she doesn't she better PRETEND! I was walking through the store and saw something that immediately made me think of her, so I KNEW what I had to do. I had to bust out some creativity and make her something flippin' awesome. I cant wait to Mail it out TOMORROW! I have some pics of it, so let me share...

HAHAHAH! YEAH RIGHT! NOT gunna happen Alicia! You have to wait chica! And apparently so do the rest of you! I'm off to go exercise with the HUBS so I'm outta here! I will catch up some more tomorrow with all you lovelies =)


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! YOU SUCK!!! I thought you posted the picture you friggin buttface!!! HOWEVER! the crayon rolls turned out faaaabulous! Love love love them! ain't that ric rac a beeyatch though? i hate that crap!!

  2. Love those crayon holders! They are awesome!

  3. You have many cool things on this post!! Loved the splashy picture in the pool. Thats a keeper.

    Those little crayon holders are a great idea too. A big ziplock baggie is the only thing that contains my kids stuff right now.

    And on blogging...sigh...don't feel bad. I am guilty of the same things. We are only mortals after all. ;)

  4. LOVE this post!!! LOVE deserve the award honey, you rock, so glad we are both back..hehehe & I too have been bad about emails! love the pic of your babes, so precious! & those thingies you made TOOOOO COOL!!! teach me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?! xoxox

  5. Love the crayon holders, And LOVE your blog!! I have visited it the first time and I have got to say it's really interesting!
    Keep writing in!

  6. Glad to see you're back! Also glad you had a great time. I LOVE that pic of the two little ones holding each other, it's so sweet. And I'd LOVE to get the instructions for making a crayon caddy like that. Maybe you could post the link to directions? Pretty please! :-)


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