Friday, August 7, 2009

Warning: Not For Childrens Eyes

... Well, YOUR children. It's a little too late for mine. Let me start with a little info : My Mother -In-law is originally from El Salvador, and she travels there often to visit family. My Hubby hasn't been there since he was little and she often brings us back little things from there. She is awesome like that. Back a few years ago, he had a specific request. He wanted these trinkets that he remembered, and apparently stuck with him (trust me, you'll see why here in a sec...). The are called Sorpresas (surprises) Here is what they look like :

Cute right? Harmless little hand painted eggs. Wonder whats inside?! My Daughter did too!! So I have these on a shelf, behind glass and I was sitting on the computer (probably on blogger, woops) and she says "Momma, What are they DOING ?", so I look over because I have no idea what she is talking about and this is what I see :


YUP!!! Cute, right?! Not soooo much.
She had this adorable couple off the egg and in her hand.

I'm Speechless for a moment. So she asks again: "Mom!! WHAT ARE THEY doing? " So I respond: "He is rubbing her back baby", "Why Mom?", "Uh um, because her back hurts", "Why Mom?", "I don't KNOW, it just does", "But what are they doing?", "He is rubbing her back"...... Little Miss is in the WHY stage big time so we had to go through this a couple of times. AHHHHH. HE IS JUST RUBBING HER BACK!!! lol I didn't yell at her really, I did however stress the importance of NOT getting into that cabinet because things are breakable! *shakes head*, I mean really. Of all the things for her to see. I'm really hoping that she forgets about them!! I didn't want my lovely Mom-In Law to miss out on the milestone, so I called her to tell her what went down. And to thank her for such a sweet moment. She thought it was pretty freakin hilarious!! (ok it kinda was). She is sure that it will be forgotten. We'll see if the little SPONGE that is my daughter mentions it again. So thanks to the dirty adolescent mind of my hubby (who OBVIOUSLY didn't forget about them), his Moms generosity, and my Blogger Addiction , my daughter has a totally screwed up idea of what a back rub looks like!!!


  1. Awww, damn! Don't u just hate moments like that?!!! BUT, that is pretty funny, girl... that kinda stuff happens. My son is 20 and my daughter is 14... trust me, when they were tiny there were awkward and questionable moments,as well. Not too often, thank goodness... hehe

    Love ya!!!

  2. haaaa! why is our family so dang twisted? we r all a bunch of pervs!

  3. Hahahaha... This is just too funny! I'm laughing!
    I have a whole lot of comments to this one, but they are a little bit too crude... So I'll just keep them to myself!

    It reminds me of an old porcelain figurine my grandmother's brother had at his house. It was a delicate lady sitting with a beautiful handpainted dress. She was actually sitting on a little box. When I lifted up the lid, to my surprise she was naked underneath. And I got a great anatomy lessons since the porcelain was VERY detailed! Turned out this was a pornographic piece from the 18oos... It's now mine!

    Just stopping by from SITS to say Happy Saturday Sharefest! I really enjoy your blog and will use some time just looking around.

    SEe you!

  4. That is too funny. Just stopping by from SITS to say HI. We used to live in Norther VA, loved it. Moved back to be near my family.

  5. Yipes!! Too funny and awkward!

    Stopping in to say hi from SITS :)

  6. HolY CRAp.. thats all im saying...

    talk about being screwed.

  7. LOL I love it! I feel your pain! and kids that age just don't get the why satisfied easily! what a panic!

    stopped by from SITS and so glad I did. I shared this one with my hubby!

  8. ROTFLMAO THAT'S the kind of back rub I like!

  9. Lol that is hilarious! Cute blog!

    Stopping by from SITS =D

  10. Who in the world was that egg created for? Like who's shopping for trinkets and is all, I wish I had an egg that had some love makin goin on inside? :)

    I have an award for you missy. Please come pick it up

  11. Very funny stuff!!! Great explanation though.

  12. WOW that's crazy!!!!! funny, sad, twisted!!! hahahahaha good cover up

  13. Ha! Those are awesome... and I want one.


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