Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trashy Barbie

My Adorable little son and I have been in dire need of a Hair Cut, so I made an appt for the two of us. Printed out a cute picture of Zac Efron for His hair Cut and a pic of Carrie Underwood for mine. While the stylist was cutting his hair she was asking me if I wanted to color my hair. I thought about it. Cause I have been wanting to go back to Blonde for a while now, and that Carrie Pic just make it more appealing. I asked the stylist how many trips it would take to get my hair that color. "Just one" she says. Sweet! I'm in! I love this color!

So she finishes little man's hair and I loved the cut. YAY! Cant wait go get mine started. He has his DS with him so I know he will be fine while I get my hair done too. We talk about what to do and I told her I wanted it as close to Carrie's color as possible. Do whatever you need to. So she asks "You want it blonde all over or do you want low lights?" I tell her I don't really want low lights just blonde. Well, what was in my head and on the picture EVIDENTLY wasn't in hers. Cause she comes back and proceeded to put straight bleach on my head. I started to PANIC. I asked her if maybe we should leave a few strands a little darker in the front so it's not so harsh on my face. My last ditch attempt as saving my hair. Well she haphazardly left out some of my own hair color in "low lights". Ha! Well my hair was developing at a rapid rate, so she finished. After what felt like waaaay to long. Then I sit, for longer. When she is rinsing my hair, she and the owner were oooooing and aaaahhhing over the color and how perfect it turned out and how NOT brassy it was. *Sigh of relief*. I was so glad. I was worried. She told me is was a huge change so don't look until she is done. I agreed. After she cut it and blow dried it I turn around and *GASP* (internally). Holy shit what has she done to my Pretty HAIR?!!!!! My Son likes it (of course). He has likely seen this same color at home. On his sisters BARBIES. Ok, maybe it was worse than that cause Barbie has a better colorist. Mine was YELLOW. And close to WHITE in the BACK where she started. Oh, and the "low lights: almost BLACK in comparison. There were no words. And just for a further visual, I had a BRIGHT pink Shirt on. Barbie. Trailer. Trash. Barbie. The color came out something akin to This:

I paid way too much for what I actually asked her for and yet translated into this horror show of a dye job. Earlier in the Day my curling iron had died, so I was off to Wal-Mart to Buy a new one real quick before going home. I was terrified of going in public like this. I had plugged my dead cell in the car and it rings immediately. It was the hubs. DEMANDING to know where the hell I was. He was nervous cause we were gone waaay longer than it takes for 2 hair cuts. UGH!! Don't mess with me Dude, now is NOT the time. The whole time I was in Wal-Mart I felt like I should be smoking a Cigarette and carrying around my baby in a diaper balanced on my pregnant stomach, fully clothed in a house dress. It was mortifying. So I grabbed a curling iron quickly. The headed to the Hair Color Isle. I know, never process your hair twice in a row. Well SCREW THAT. I bought a kit and payed and rushed home. In my haste i forgot that I would need two so I ended up going back out later on a endless HUNT for another kit. Well I walk in the door and my husband just stares at me. I stare back. "Well, What you think?"... "What do YOU think?" he says. "I Felt like Trailer Trash Barbie Walking through Wal-Mart." This is when I walked in the kitchen with him following me, he hugged me and I started cryin like a little girl. I was so pissed. But Then of course the Male Mind took over and he was a little TOO excited about my trashy hair.

After the Long trip to find another Color Kit, I arrived home about midnight. And dyed my own hair. It helped. A lot. Its not perfect, but its waaaay better than it was. I made sure that I started with the "lowlights" that she did in hopes of trying to even it out a bit. *sigh*. Oh Well, that's what I get. I miss Heather, my old stylist in LA. She never would have jacked up my hair =( Anyway, here is the "after"... meaning "after I fixed it" cause there was no way in hell there would be a photo of me layin around the way it was!

Probably going to be blonde for a few months then back to Dark!! This is a pain in the ASS! I'm Off to ULTA to buy some purple shampoo to counter some of the brassiness. Do they sell toner there?! *sigh*. Oh well, its way better than it was. After this I added some more highlights to make it even better, and it is. The front matches the back a little better now. I'd say never again, but I know it would be a lie.


  1. So sorry your hair came out that blonde...but you did an awesome job of fixing it. Great story and I'm sure you'll really laugh about it some day!

  2. looks good now! Trust me been there DONE that!

  3. You are amazing! I'm so chicken about dying my hair! Yours turned out beautiful! Sorry she screwed it up (I guess you knew what was coming when she told you not to look at it!) but you really, really made it better!
    -Lynn (SITS)

  4. Hi, I found your blog because I asked Google to tell me about all Barbie blogs (for inspiration for my blogs and for my ebay store where I sell Barbies). Getting Blond right is so hard. I'm assuming your hair was brunette before. Your after color (after you fixed it) looks great. I actually found a good colorist at the local beauty school. I hope she's still there when I return again this week.

    I want to follow your blog because you're very funny. You may follow mine too, if you want. The one about Barbies is

    "Cheers to good hair days".


  5. Oh honey, you poor thing! There's nothing worse than an incompetent hairdresser that's been let loose on the public. At least after you fixed it your hair color now looks great. You're still beautiful! :-)

  6. WOMAN!!! you better have taken a picture of the blond!!! SERIOUSLY! i'm your sister, i deserve to see these things!! like NOW! buuuuuuuut i love the cut and the color looks good in the pic! so no worries. and what is it with men and haircuts?? when i chopped mine off you would have thought i walked into the room naked because jordan was ALL about it...let me tell you...

  7. Girl, it so doesn't look bad!! I like it!

  8. I have very dark hair naturally, almost as dark as yours, and to get it that very light color, you have to use straight bleach. Even using a level 11 or 12 will lead to lots of red (it doesn't matter if the color is level 12 "ultra light ash blonde"...the ash doesn't take out the red sufficiently). you have to bleach the brassiness out, and a lot.

    Usually I get heavy highlights, but the damage over time (touch ups) led me recently to start getting low lights in between, and highlights less often. I couldn't understand why they couldn't just make it a gorgeous blonde with hair color, but you just can't. If you want the hair color in that pic, you have to bleach your hair and add in highlights for the depth (Carrie's hair has medium blonde lowlights pulled through with her highlights).

    It's something ex-darked-haired girls like me had to learn (I've been blonde for 12 years, from dark blonde to almost platinum, and I've use level 8-12 and beyond, and gotten highlights of every shade, and different toners, or skipped toner, and tried beige, ash, and gold...the full spectrum over time).

    Too, don't forget, if you do it at once, the shock of the change will make it look less attractive. I could never go dark all of a sudden again, and I would never go fully dark again. If you want to go blonde again, do it in stages, over months, so you adjust to the change. First get highlights, then more two months later, and more a few months later. When it's mainly blonde, you can consider coloring the base too, or sticking with highlights.

  9. I used to get highlights all the time, when I was in highschool no one even knew I had darker hair normally. Everyone just thought I was blond. Most of the pics that were on here were when my hair was even darker. This time it was my natural hair and it wasnt too dark. I would have been fine if she had just FOILED it instead of just doing all over bleach and not even using a toner. The thing was she thought it looked good and claimed there was no brassieness. and BOY was there. I cant count the number of times I have been blond. I waited untill my hair was lighter and natural again before attempting it beacause I know how orange it would have been otherwise. If she had just said that we would need to do a couple rounds of highlighting (what I expected) instead of telling me she could do it, then we would have been fine. Part of the problem was also the speed at which she applied the bleach. Underneath in the back is nealry white and in the front it was reddish to yellow going back. It was waaaaay uneven. She didnt mix enough to begin with and had to mix 2 more batches and it took even longer. Because my hair was so healthy and natural it lifted really fast. The back was like a heating pad and the front barely had time to get warm. Over all it was just a terrible Job. And I paid her and tipped her because she stayed an hour after close to do it because I didnt want to chicken out and because she did a good Job on My hair Cut and My Sons. Plus she was nice. Im a sucker. lol. I used an ash based color and that helped (except underneath it is gray now where it was white), then I put a couple highlights in myself then a toner then purple shampoo and its better. (even better than that last pic because I hadnt done the highlights or toner yet). But I told my husband that I would probably go get highlights in a month to get it closer to that color.

  10. Hi checking in from SITS

    I like it thinks it looks really good on you

  11. I really like the "after-you-fixed-it" color. Very pretty!

  12. I've gone through pretty the same thing..

    About a year ago, I wanted something funky and saw a picture of a girl online who had a blonde underlayer and then copper on top. So I went to the salon and asked to do this. I am already naturally blonde, so I got pretty nervous when the girl started putting straight bleach on my head. The situation was basically the same... they ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over how good & non-brassy the color was turning out and didn't want me to look at it because she was so proud of it and wanted me to be surprised. To my horror, she dyed me platinum blonde with heavy copper red high lights. Oh, and she fried my hair, so I ended up having to cut it off (after I asked her for a trim and she gave me a cut that was reminiscent of a mullet).

    Needless to say, a year later, and my hair still isn't completely back to normal, although I am all one color again. My hair is still pretty short, because its being difficult to grow back out from being so damaged.


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