Thursday, September 3, 2009

Headed to Hershey!

I wish I was headed in the direction of a HERSHEY BAR *drool*, but I mean the town in PA and the amusement park! Off to go spend 5 dollars each on bottles water and wait in 30 min lines for 80 second intervals of entertainment! Not to mention purchase every cute thing imaginable in the shape of a Hershey's Kiss Because we want to make our children feel loved via retail bonding and end the summer on a fun note. I know it doesn't sound like I am very excited... I am. REALLY. I just hope that the two demon children who were in my home today decide to stay here, and the sweet fun loving, energetic, happy children I gave birth to and love dearly will come along instead. Just Sayin. It should be a good day (it damn well better be). My Brother is meeting us there too! So fun times. One extra adult so we outnumber them (muaaahhahahahaha) "UNCLE JOSH...." oh, Um, anyway... Finishing up the laundry for the weekend trip to NY after The day of Chocolate/Amusement Bliss. I think its going to be hard not to cheat on my diet at a Friggen park that is CHOCOLATE themed don't you? Sheesh. Will power, will power...will... power. Um we'll see how that goes. So I will be gone for the weekend and wont have time to BLOG! I know, its a tragedy. But I will be back. And I will be posting pics of our trip. Any and all pictures that may or may not be taken of me licking chocolate off my happy fingers will be promptly deleted and forgotten. I will also post my newest award and be passing it along. :) Thanks Alicia. I am off to start, I mean finish, packing and then take my butt to bed. So wish us luck on our adventure and think strong thoughts for me so that I don't dive into a Vat of chocolate at the factory and get kicked out of the park. (THAT has to have happened before don't you think?)


  1. Diving in the chocolate - I'm picturing Homer Simpson here. Mmmmm.... Choc-o-late. Have fun!

  2. If no one has dived into a huge vat of chocolate, I might be the first whenever I make it up there. Have a great time! See you when you get back!

  3. mmm....chocolate...have a fun time lady!! give those kids a swift kick in the butt from their auntie!! and etsy shop???? i think i should promote you on the ol' bliggity blog!!

  4. I found your bliggidy blog over at Alicia's bloggidy blig and now I am totally gonna become a follower of yours.

    Come check out mine, you'll be like...holy crap, this chic is rad! Why have we not been Blog friends before now? It's a travesty really.


  5. Hi checking in from SITS

    I love Hershey I was just in NYC on Saturday drooling at the Hersey store. I hope you made it a cheat day and enjoyed yourself


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