Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Follow you home every night.....

No stalkers here. Just a good ole Patrick Swayze fanatic. You remember that song, on the way to the lake? In the rain? Ya know ? Overload? *drool*

And I always wished I was Baby in the back of the car on the way back from the Sheldrake. I'd let him take a peek at me any day. Hell if he were still here with us he could take a peek at me NOW if he chose to do so. I have to admit, I'll still cry to this day when Baby says "Im scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life, the way I feel when Im with you". Yes Baby, we were all scared for you, cause he made us ALL feel like that. Every girl whose Mom let her watch that movie over and over and over.

Ok, stalker moment over. But seriously. I told my husband that I cried a little when I heard that yummy Patrick died. He did the obligatory EYE ROLL and Informed me that he thought I was nuts. But any girl my age probably did the same thing. Can U say worn out VHS tape? I have it on DVD and even had a Mom Daughter Bonding moment with my little baby girl when she was like 2. During the LIFT.... you all know exactly what I'm talking about...

Well, she was watching it with me. And she said "THAT. was. AWESOME!". I needed NOTHING more to make me start that movie over from the beginning and watch it with her. ALL. OVER. AGAIN. I was THRILLED to share that with her. Like passing along great knowledge. It's a movie meant to be watched again and again. As a matter of fact I think I'll watch it now. He was one delicious hunk of mantastic meat. Mmmmm. I think I'm going to have to make the Hubby take dance lessons with me. Then I can close my eyes and imagine Patricks hands running down my side.
Ok Ok just kidding. My hubby's hands will do just fine. He even calls me Babe. Maybe I can get him to add a Y at the end of that more often?
Dear Patrick, You will be missed. Women all over the world will forever fantasize.


  1. I'm so with you on this. 100% Great person, but really really great man candy ;)

  2. You said it sister. Point Break all of Patrick's shirtless glory!


  3. Your memorial would have made Patrick proud. I cant imagine he would have wanted it any other way!! I get it.

  4. Yep I replayed their love scene over and over again. I was maybe 12:) Loved that movie. Stoppin by from SITS. Cute blog you have here:)


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