Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Get Around

The secret is out. I've been awarded by my awesome SIL Alicia!! I've received another version of this award by a completely trustworthy source, so the rumor must be true!

*she Blushes*.... Gee, thanks! I'm honored! But don't tell my husband. He might feel that the blog is taking away some ,eghm, HIM time. hehehe NEVER!!! A little reverse roofies and I have all the time in the world!! *wink* Now the Trick is...who do I award this oh so sexy version of this award to? hmmm

Well I'll go ahead and pass it on to My girl Jules . Check her out. She is a super cute girl and a newlywed documenting her new life with her man!

And I even though I know she gave me the other version of this I'm going to have to pass it to Melissa! She never fails to crack me up, and sometimes thats just what you need. And I still like her even though she won my sister in Law Alicias award! I soooo wanted that damn it!

And I think I will also pass this on to my new found blog friend Leigh!! We have only known each other for about 5 mins, but that was about how long it took for me to love her blog! Check her out! Oh and she came up with this next award that I am soooooo taking for my own! Thanks girlie!
And this award goes to.... ME!!!!

because really, I do love my own damn blog. And why can't we pat ourselves on our backs now and again? *pat pat*

Now I'm off to go wipe my daughters nasty behind. Again. A thankless job that I have NEVER received an award for. I think I should come up with one of those. Maybe :"Magnificent Mud Butt Mopper" award. I like the word magnificent. I think I will use it more often when describing myself. Yup, that'll do.


  1. congrats on your awards lady!! i miss thee.....lots!

  2. Congrats on all the awards and definately we should pat ourselves on the back more often... of course only after washing hands (I change diapers for a living..okay I do daycare but somedays it feels like a revolving changing table)

  3. Thanks girlfran! I got tagged in another post, and tagged you, so be sure to swing by the blog and ch-ch-check it outtt (=

  4. Thanks for the love! Dumb question alert...are you livin' in Hotlanta? I live in Athens.

    Small world.

    Thanks again for the shout out.


  5. Visiting from SITS and wanted to congratulate you on your award and say you do have a magnificent blog....:-D

  6. Stopping by from SITS, Congrats on your award! lol, I love the "I Love my own damn blog award"! hehe:) and I think you should definetly make one for "Magnificant Mud Butt Mopper" because you totally deserve an award for that!

  7. I love that "I love my own damn blog" award HILARIOUS! COngrats!
    Checked out your Etsy store. I love the coffee sleeves! What a cute idea! I have to remember for gifts!

  8. Hi! Popping over from SITS to visit! Gratz on the award though I think I like your award better!

    Have a great Friday!

  9. Did you see TAG today? Psst... check it out.


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