Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clowns and such

So people hire clowns, and magicians, and farm animals and reptile handlers for Birthday Parties and other Wonderfull Holiday Celebrations, right? Well I have decided that I am going to hire one to come to the house to soley to entertain my children while I clean. Why not? Its totally worth the money. To be able to do the dishes without worrying that the kids are in the living room dumping half a bottle of vanilla cupcake (yum) scented body wash on thier $100 robotic Dogs back (ya know buiscut the fur-real thing) and rubbing it in to make them "fluffy". In case you are wondering where I got this very specific example from, yes it happened to me today. If there were a magician in my living room, with all eyes glued on his awesome dissapearing sponge ball trick, I would be able to clean the table and not worry about someone having a raging tantrum while banging on the French doors (glass) beacause they arent allowed in the pool today. This being of course because getting OUT of the pool last night turned into Dad having to get in fully dressed to drag thier butts out. If I hired entertainment, I could totally grab my shuffle and enjoy some Mraz or Jack Johnson goodness and TUNE OUT the high pitched little voices and not feel one ounce of guilt. This might even be cheaper than hiring a maid. And babysitters arent cheap either. Lookout Local Reptile Farm!! Can I get a discount for booking 3 times a week?... Hmmmm Must look into that.

Ok Ok, I'll get a NICE clown. I love my Kids, Really I do.

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  1. that clown is FREAKY! but i love the post....just hire a maid...screw cleaning


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