Friday, June 5, 2009

Today's "Lucy" Moment

So as all you parents out there know, When there is a Sofa, kids will color on it, spill stuff on it and in cases of NAPS, ... PEE on it. right? We have had this happen many a time. No big deal, clean it. Right? Well so I did. Take off the cover and wash it as usual. But for some Dumb ass reason I was channeling "Lucy" as I often like to do, and Decided to Dry it in the Dryer. Why? Just Why? Because now I have a cushion that would be more suited for a sofa that would belong in the kids rooms!! I KNOW better. Ive done it a million times and always air dried.

Well... "The Dez" isnt going to be too thrilled when we have to buy a new sofa. I know I know... slip cover. Not happening. I hate them, Loath them even. So no... But whats really CRAPTASTIC about the whole thing is that the sofa is in decent condition and now A stupid mindles mistake is going to cost me a butt load of money. Flippn A!

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