Friday, June 5, 2009

He Pulled it Himself!!!

My Baby Boy Lost his First tooth!! I cant believe how big he is getting. Time flies. We did of course try to threaten the door knob trick in order to get him to pull it. And He still wouldnt. So we told him ok... just go to bed then, if you swallow it you wont get any money from the tooth fairy. He still wouldnt. I said "Goodnight!" and started to turn out the light... that Got his attention. He got a Tissue and Pulled it!! The look on his face was priceless. Like he couldnt believe that he was brave enough and awesome enough to pull off such fantastic feat as this! Well here is my Goober... less one tooth! =)
The best part was when he went into the Bathroom and looked in the mirror...filled his mouth with water and came runnin out saying " Oh! Awesome! I can spit water with my teeth closed now!!!!" Such a proud Moment for a mother. =)

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