Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whats a little sexism amongst family?

So I know you are supposed to treat boys and girls equally... boys can play with dolls, and girls can play with dinosaurs. Ok, Im cool with that. Im a hip Mom. Being that I just said "hip" totally proves my point too. So, equality of the sexes, feminism and all that goodness... yay! =)But really, sometimes you just EXPECT certain things from your Male children and certain things from your Female children. Atleast I know now that I aparently do. We had some fantabulous family bonding this past weekend. We packed a picnic (ok I packed a picnic), printed directions to Burke Lake, loaded up the new fishing poles, and all the fishy fisherman geer required to torture some innocent swimmers with thier lives , say "just kidding" and toss em back. Catch n release... Thats my game. Anywho, we loaded up the kids, the gear , the food, and OFF we went to go catch some fish. We took a bunch of non live bait, figured it was less messy, less cruel and all that. Turns out Burke Lake Fish arent really into Plastic worms or fish scented sparkly Playdough. They are into the living, squirming, slimey sort. So I shell out a few of my Man's Hard earned bucks to buy some WORMS, aka Canadian Night Crawlers, aka snakes in a jar. These suckers are HUGE! Its been some time since this girly girl has touched any wormy object voluntarily. But this was my idea, so I do the honors. Yep, Im the one who has to impail these massive suckers on the hooks. GO ME!! Yep I rock if I do say so myself! I squeeled like a toddler the first try though... *shudders* gross.
Well, Im thinking that My adorably handsome 7 year old Boy's Boy will be totally down with this whole worm and hook thing. Um.. not so much: "MOM!! Can you put the worm on the hook for me?" Wait. WHAT?! No no, you're a BOY, pick up the worm and stick the hook in it!!! Nope not happening. He used a LEAF to try to get it on there without touching it. *shakes head* Seriously? Unbelievable.
Meanwhile, here is my precious little princess, my girly girl, my baby, my angel... ya know, sugar and spice and everything nice? (remember I did say sexism people)
Well, she had no problems. In fact she was in love with these worms. "AAWWW" she says... "look at the wormies"

I probably DIDN'T traumatize her by taking this worm and putting it on my hook right?

Yep, this is my GIRL. I know Im not SUPPOSED to see this as backasswards, but really, It kindof is. So maybe Im a little sexist, ok, but it WAS rather amusing.
BUT...Drum roll please: Tre was the first to Catch a FISH!!! YAY! Thanks to my awesome worm threading skills *Woot Woot*
Here is My baby boy with his prized catch!:

Notice the brilliant worm skills I have mastered (worm still on hook) boo-ya!

He Didn't mind touching his fish.... Hmmmm? I have no clue! lol
We had such a good time. Of course fishing with children isnt the RELAXING experience we all hope to achieve with the popular passtime, however, there is nothing like seeing the face of your little kiddos with the reeling in of thier very first fish!! Im so proud!! One thing I will say, I made a great choice not putting a hook on Adriannas line. I think that bobber to the EYE I recieved would have hurt a whole lot worse with a hook attatched!! ;)

I love My Family! Im just too Flippin Blessed


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog!!! You are a good sport, because even if it was MY idea I totally would've made the hubby do it!

  2. Dropping by from sits. Following your blog. The weekend is almost here. Yay! I hope you have a fun weekend planned.

    Like your cupcake background!

    Ms Cupcake.
    Zen Cupcake

  3. hey girly! i thought i was a follower...apparently i just stalk you all the time! give my niece and nephew a big smooch! welcome to SITS...you're gonna love it! i'm going to SITScation in vegas...whoop whoop!

  4. Great pictures and great story! It's always amazing that the MOM always has to teach about bravery, courage, and guts like holding worms, frogs, and killing spiders--UGH! I enjoyedy our post!Just stopping by from SITS to say HI


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