Friday, June 5, 2009

"You can blog about it..."

Well maybe I will!... UGH! So... Wedding. Yup We're going to have one. Yup Im planning one. Or should I say TRYING to plan one? So we have found the perfect location, the perfect lodging the perfect everything. The problem? Well... not so sure that we have enough people to stay in the house with us to make the cost low enough per person. And if we tried to cover the rest... instead of having more people.... then it will cost us quite a bit more. And just a little note.... its already going to cost us alot. Like a lot a lot. Soooooo What the heck do we do? I dont know. We both really want this place. But when it comes down to it, unless someone starts throwing wads of large bills in our direction or I find a large black duffel bag on the side of the road full of unmarked bills, its probably not going to happen. The one issue is that because we have to put a deposit down a year in advance, that means next month. And that means everyone has to have half of thier portion ready by then. Money is tough for everyone right now... and asking that is kindof crappy. Now, most of the people have already said that they could (some even could pay all up front). Even then, we are still short people. On one hand ,less people is great cause then most everyone would have thier own rooms. On the other hand, less people mean either everyone pays more or we make up the difference. Neither of these options are good ones. BOOOOOO I say. boo freakin hooo. Thats how I feel about it. Everyone seems to like the Florida plan better than the New York Plan. We do too. Who wouldnt rather take their Vacation time and hang in FL than Upstate NY? What to do? What to do...

Sunny Awesome lots to do Florida?
Pretty, not much of shit to do vinyard in Upstate NY?

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