Friday, June 5, 2009


Wait. What?! No, no I'm the fixer of boo boos and maker of all things happy! ME!! Sheesh, one of the rewards of being a mommy is supposed to be the times where your little bundles of joy run crying to you when they get hurt. OK... their getting hurt isn't joyous, but the superhero like abilities of comforting and fixing is! My little monkey just got hurt. And I went to try to comfort and heal and fix and kiss. All the things that are my JOB, what works every time. WELL.... apparently not today! Today is the Day where only DADDY (who is at work BTW) is the only one who can fix this. Now there is blood, in between toes that I'm not allowed to clean it and I'm not allowed to see it. "don't see" she says, as she holds her toes together and cries. I tell her I need to see it and to clean it. Tell her "I wont touch it I promise, just show me". And to prove my trustworthiness I place my hands under myself. No good. Not happening. " I want my DADDY!!". *sigh* "Baby we need to clean it.". "NO!" she says "Just get me a band-aid". So I continue to try to get her to let me see and to clean it so her foot doesn't fall off in a few weeks from an infection cause I didn't do my job. And as I'm trying to reason with this little bundle of cuteness, she says: "Shhh. Can U stop talking? I cant hear Spongebob" as she places her little toe funk covered hand over my mouth... So now I am being replaced by the comforts of Daddy and SPONGEBOB. Whats next?....

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